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Villar SIPAG observes Annual Las Pinas Food Festival

The Las Pinas Food Festival is an annual activity hosted by Villar SIPAG to promote agriculture and appreciation of local food products. The festival showcases three major events, which include the Cooking Competition, the Food Retailers'' Exhibit, and the Urban Gardening Competition. This year's Food Festival was held on May 20, 2016 at Villar SIPAG Center and was participated by all 20 barangays of Las Pinas City.

The cooking competition was themed on hot or cold desserts with fresh green salad. Talon Dos who prepared Ube Creamy Fiesta and Green Medley Salad bagged the First Prize. Manuyo Dos, with their dessert Nutella Nestle Cream Delight and Season Green Salad, won the Second Prize. Lastly, Mangoes and Cream in Malunggay Crepe with Malunggay Ice Cream and Garden Salad with Apple Wallnut by Barangay Talon Kuatro took the third place.

Winners of the 2016 Cooking Competition with Sen. Cynthia Villar.

The winning dessert - Ube Creamy Fiesta - made by the representatives of Barangay Talon Dos

The Food Retailers Exhibit was participated by various food producers and processors from the different cities, municipalities and provinces. Food exhibits were fresh food or ready-to-eat, processed food, regional delicacies, and fresh products from participating farms and organizations.

The Urban Gardening Competition, which was pre-judged on May 18, 2016 was divided into three categories - Inter-Barangay, Inter-School, and Inter-Homeowners' Association. The competition showcased the gardening skills and agricultural innovations of the community members. The winners of the 2nd Las Pinas Urban Gardening Competition were Barangay BF Int'l./CAA, BF Int'l./CAA Federation of Homeowners Association and Golden Acres National High School.

Sen. Cynthia Villar together with the winners of the 2016 Urban Gardening Competition.

The garden of Barangay BF Int'l./CAA

Garden of BF Int'l./CAA Federation of Homeowners Association

Golden Acres national High School's urban garden

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