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World Toilet Day Celebration

At the World Toilet Day event in Baseco of UNICEF Philippines, the Department of Health (Philippines) & Manila Health Department Sanitation Division to reaffirm my support for the zero open defecation campaign. Lack of toilet facility poses health risks such as polio, diarrhea and other diseases as well as environmental issues such as wastes leaking into and polluting bodies of water such as the Manila Bay.

About seven million Filipinos still do not have access to sanitation facilities, and are considered to be practicing open defecation. Of which, 3.5 million are in Metro Manila. And in Barangay 649, Baseco where we have an ongoing toilet bowl distribution project, it has a total population of 43,000 comprising of 8,000 households, 80 percent of which have no access to a toilet facility.


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